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One of the most important safety components in your vehicle is your brakes. Making sure they are well-preserved is a critical aspect of car maintenance, allowing you to have many years of driving ahead of you. However, how do you know when you’re in need of a repair? The brake pros at Miracle Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram are here to help.

Below, drivers in the Graniteville, Aiken, and Augusta region can learn more about common brake issues and what you can do about them. If you’ve been searching for “brake repair near me,” this is a great resource to end your vehicle woes.

Common Brake Problems

Making your sure your brakes are working properly is the first step to having a safe and secure vehicle. Regular brake maintenance plays a big part in this. However, sometimes things happen that can cause the need for brake repair:

  • Squishy Brakes: When you press down on your brake pedal, does it almost feel spongy? This could be a sign of air caught in your brake lines. Bleeding your brakes can resolve this issue, though it’s best to get this brake repair done by a professional. When doing it yourself, you run the risk of getting air in other important components, which can exacerbate the issue.
  • Squeaking Brakes: Noises in your vehicle are common, but when you hear a squeaking when coming to a stop, that’s something to get checked out right away. Thinning brake pads, rusted rotors, or other general wear can cause this noise to happen. To properly diagnose the issue, head into your authorized dealership right away.
  • Worn Brake Pads: Over time, the pads in your brakes can diminish. This causes your brake system to not work as it should and can result in some annoying noises when trying to stop. Changing your brake pads every 50,000 miles is smart, and certified technicians can handle this process easily.

More Signs You Need Brake Repair

When your brakes aren’t functioning properly, they’ll let you know. The next time you’re behind the wheel, watch for the following warning signs below. If you’re experiencing any of them, it’s time to schedule an appointment for brake repair:

  • Your Dashboard Brake Light Is On
  • You Hear Grinding Noises When Trying to Stop
  • There’s Vibration, Shaking, or Bouncing in Your Cabin When Stopping
  • You Can See a Leak in Your Brake Line
  • There’s a Burning Smell in Your Vehicle

State-of-the-Art Brake Repair near You

If you find yourself questioning the state of your brakes, the best thing you can do is see a professional. At Miracle Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we proudly offer brake repair near the Graniteville, Aiken, and Augusta area. The certified technicians in our service center can diagnose and repair any brake issue, having you back on the road in no time.

To schedule an appointment for brake service, you can either give us a ring or use our online appointment portal. With our team by your side, your brake system will be in competent hands.

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